Vaporizers for a Smooth Flow!

Sometimes smoking is just a little too harsh, in which case you should try a vape. Vaporizers do not burn the material, and therefore do not produce smoke, saving your lungs from any unpleasantness. Vaporizers come in two basic types: the hand vaporizer and the volcano. Hand vaporizers are great for single person, single serving use, and volcano vaporizers release the vapor into a plastic bag that is perfect for sharing with your friends.


Please, when you come into our store, do not call our water pipes bongs. If you refer to our pipes as bongs, we are going to ask you to leave. It’s not like we don’t like the word bong, but it’s THE LAW. Blame the man for keeping us down if you want, but we can’t call it a bong, and we ask you don’t call it a bong either. So if the word “BONG” slips from your lips, we’ll be telling you “Goodbye” because you said bong.